Fishing Net Benefits

Net fishing offers an easy solution to dealing with scrapes from skinned and gutted fish and is an ideal way to maximize your time and effort while out on the water. Whether you stand on the bank to fish, trawl from a boat or use industrial netting, you can catch a large number of fish with each net that you cast. Anglers can cast their net several feet down or as much as 300 feet down for a more substantial excursion. Either way, the benefits are high, and with the right netting, anglers of any level can get the hang of this popular type of fishing.

Bank Fishing

Net fishing can be done from the bank, where small fish, crappie and catfish generally are found. Net fishing requires high visibility, so netting must be placed in the water close to the shore so you can monitor the net. Using shallow water fishing net, you can catch as many bait fish as your net will hold. To be successful and to maximize your efforts, lower the net gently into the water and hold the net steadily to avoid frightening skittish fish. Once the fish swim over to your net and start to eat the bait, quickly remove the net from the water.

Commercial Benefits

Commercial fish netting, sport netting and industrial netting are designed for anglers in search of tuna fish, mussels, rock lobsters and other game. The gill net, for example, is made up of the mesh, floats and leads. Fishermen lay the net in the water (up to 300 feet deep) and then pull it across the floor of the lake or river, trapping fish in the net as the boat travels. Leads are used to hold the net down and floats are used to keep the top edge of the net upright and in a strong form. Net fishing is ideal for extreme deep sea fishing.

Only Requires Cheap Bait

Whereas commercial net fishermen "sweep" the ocean floor for fish, anglers fishing from the shore or from a boat can use cheap bait such as bread crumbs, crackers and the scrapes and innards of gutted fish to attract fish to the net. You can fish with a reel during the morning, skin and gut any fish that are caught at this time and then use those scrapes to attract smaller fish for an easy catch. The blood, smell and oils will immediately attract fish, so the net is a good technique to use if you have a lot of fish scrapes you want to dispose of. A form of trawling, bank net fishing is an ideal way to maximize bait and obtain the highest number of catches.